Lecture 01, The Road to a Fully Integrated Asset Management Strategy Applied to Rotating Equipment
Manish Shah, Albert Sijm

Lecture 02, Design, Manufacture, and Test Campaign of the World's Largest LNG Refrigeration Compressor Strings
Roy Salisbury, Pete Rasmussen, Todd Griffith, Andrea Fibbi

Lecture 03, High Flow Protection for Variable Speed Pumps
Amer A. Al-Dhafiri, Nabeel M. Al-Odan, Yousuf S. Al-Shuhail

Lecture 04, Submerged Pumps and Expanders with Magnetic Coupling for Hazardous Applications
Vinod Patel, Steve Rush

Lecture 05, VSDS Motor Inverter Design Concept for Compressor Trains Avoiding Interharmonics in Operating Speed Range
Volker Hütten, Christian Beer, Tim Krause, Sven Demmig

Lecture 06, Impact of Electrical Noise on the Torsional Response of VFD Compressor Trains
John A Kocur, Jr., Maximillian G. Muench

Lecture 07, Fifteen Years of Field Experience in LNG Expander Technology
Vinod P. Patel, Hans E. Kimmel

Lecture 08, World's First Aeroderivative Based LNG Liquefaction Plant - Design, Operational Experience, and Debottlenecking
Cyrus B. Meher-Homji, David Messersmith, Hans P. Weyermann, Gary Richardson, Paul Patrick, Fernando Roberto Biagi, Francesco Gravame

Lecture 09, Gas Turbine Durability in Harsh Environments
Zaher Mutasim

Lecture 10, New Approach to Torsional Vibration Monitoring
Lorenzo Naldi, Mateusz Golebiowski, Adam Borowa

Lecture 11, Onsite Determination of the Control Line for Integrally Geared Compressors for Avoidance of Impeller Fatigue Failures
Norbert G. Wagner, Georg Winkes, Sven König, Stefan Süß

Lecture 12, RCFA for Recurring Impeller Failures in a 4.7 Mtpa LNG Train Propane Compressor
Nicholas M. White, Scot J. Laney, Cory Zorzi



Tutorial 01, Introduction to Metallurgy
Philip Terry

Tutorial 02, Stability Considerations - A Simplified Approach
Urs Baumann

Tutorial 03, Gas Seal Contamination
Raphael Bridon, Olivier Lebigre

Tutorial 04, LNG Turbomachinery
Cyrus B. Meher-Homji, Terryl Matthews, Antonio Pelagotti, Hans P. Weyermann

Tutorial 05, Materials Selections for Seawater Pumps
Stephen J. Morrow

Tutorial 06, Fluid Film Bearings Fundamentals
Fouad Y. Zeidan

Tutorial 07, Reciprocating Compressor Condition Monitoring
Steven M. Schultheis, Charles A. Lickteig, Robert Parchewsky

Tutorial 08, Getting the Facts on Oil Mist Lubrication
Don Ehlert

Tutorial 09, Seal Condition Monitoring Principles
Michael S. Forsthoffer



Special Paper A, Validation of a Surge Model with Full Scale Testing
Jan P.M. Smeulers, Dennis Meulendijks, Harmen J. Slot

Special Paper B, CO2 Compression for Capture and Injection in Today’s Environmental World
Thomas Soulas, Anant R. Desai, Gary Colby, Tim Griffin



Session 1

Case Study 01, Large Vibrations on a Centrifugal Compressor Caused by High Windage Heating on a Flexible Coupling: Root Cause Analysis and Solutions
Yves Bidaut, Urs Baumann

Case Study 02, Reverse Rotation of Centrifugal Compressors — Impacts, Causes, and Mitigations
Amr Mohamed Said Gad

Case Study 03, Solving Subsynchronous Vibration Problems on Butadiene Compressor with VSDS Drive
Masayasu Ito, Brent Churchill

Case Study 04, Centrifugal Compressor Failure Analysis
Cliff Knight, Carlos Corleto

Session 2

Case Study 05, Infant Mortality: Lean Solvent Centrifugal Pump Motor
Qadeer Ahmed

Case Study 06, Think Out of the Box: Not All Seawater Submerged Pump Failures Are Mechanical
Hussain Al-Baloshi, Isham Sudardjat

Case Study 07, Engine Driven Pumps - Vibration Problem Resolution Using Specialized Testing Techniques
A. Aziz Al-Qattan, William D. Marscher, Andrew Savage, Eric Olson

Case Study 08, Fast and Ultimate Vibration Field Solution: From Problem Detection to Field Performance Validation
Giancarlo Cicatelli, Bruno Schiavello

Session 3

Case Study 09, Gearbox Misalignment on Combustion Gas Turbine Generator
Mohammed Hamad Al-Hajri

Case Study 10, NGL Recovery Expander-Compressor Commissioning
Nabil Madani

Case Study 11, Diagnosis and Solution for High-Speed Turboexpander Thrust Loading Issue
Mohamed el-Abyouki, Armando Guerrero

Case Study 12, "Beating" Effect Caused by Two Closely Spaced Mechanical Frequencies Observed on Two-Shaft Gas Turbine Drive
Robert X. Perez, Andrew P. Conkey

Session 4

Case Study 13, Turbo-Expander Compressor Active Magnetic Bearing Trips Reduction
Chong Ong, James Cencula, Randy Wu, Marcin Bielecki, Matthias Lelanno

Case Study 14, Steam Turbine Blade Failure
Rajendra Zope, Umesh Choondassery

Case Study 15, Enhancing PS2/PS3 Oil Station Availability and Reliability - MOL Pump Mechanical Seals Replacement
Abdulbasit Al-Ajji

Case Study 16, Troubleshooting the Problems of Dry Gas Seals and Systems in Centrifugal Compressors
Rajmal Majhi, Riccardo Schiappacassse

Session 5

Case Study 17, Preventing Unstable Operation of a Synthesis Compressor Using Dynamic System Simulation
Jan P.M. Smeulers, Dennis Meulendijks

Case Study 18, Floating Seal Ring Acting as a Third Bearing
Sherif Mekawey

Case Study 19, Solving the Synthesis Gas High Pressure Compressor Vibration Instability
Samy Abou Rayan

Session 6

Case Study 20, Machinery Where Rotordynamic Analyses Beyond API Requirements Were Necessary
Bader Al-Jughaiman

Case Study 21, Advanced Field Single Plane Trim Balancing
Alexander Ferrari, Paolo Battagli, Luis A. Rojas

Case Study 22, Hot Spots in Turboexpander Bearings: Case History, Stability Analysis, Measurements, and Operational Experience
Joachim Schmied, Josef Pozivil



The following Discussion Groups were held at the 1st Middle East Turbomachinery Symposium

Discussion Group 01, Turbomachinery Operation and Maintenance
Coordinators: Bill Forsthoffer, Abdulbasit Talib Hussain Al-Ajji

Discussion Topics:

  • Preventive/predictive maintenance programs
  • Analysis of turbomachinery vibration problems
  • Balancing
  • Lubricants
  • Component failures
  • Spare parts sorting
  • Machine alignment
  • Repair techniques
  • Auxiliary systems reliability

Discussion Group 02, Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance
Coordinators: Basel Wakileh, Adel Esmael Mohd Esmael Rahimi

Discussion Topics:

  • Preventive/predictive maintenance
  • Condition monitoring
  • Air filtration onshore and offshore
  • Fogging/evap cooling/inlet chilling
  • Liquid fuel handling and storage
  • Gas fuel issues
  • Lean premix combustion and emissions issues
  • Component failures
  • Auxiliary systems reliability
  • Maintenance and spare parts philosophies, including LTSAs, OEM versus non-OEM, engine exchange versus onsite repair and overhaul

Discussion Group 03, Centrifugal Pump Operation, Maintenance, and Reliability (Including Mechanical Seals)
Coordinators: Brian Germain, Ahmed Esmael Mohd Esmael Rahimi

Discussion Topics:

  • Pump/system improvements for energy savings
  • Sealless versus sealed pump reliability
  • Preventive/predictive maintenance program elements
  • Role of operations in maintenance, data collection, etc.
  • Reliability experiences with liquid versus gas seals
  • Maintenance philosophy for pumps
  • Spare parts - OEM versus non-OEM
  • Team approaches to reliability improvements
  • Pump foundation, alignment, and piping strain
  • Corporate Alliances impact on pump performance and reliability
  • Repair techniques and material improvements
  • Bearing housing seals and reliability
  • Portable and online monitoring of pumps
  • Pump hydraulics and affect on reliability
  • Mean time between failure/repair methodology
  • Energy savings

Discussion Group 04, Dry Gas Seals
Coordinators: Ken Savoie, Ahmed Esmael Mohd Esmael Rahimi

Discussion Topics:

  • Dry gas seals operating characteristics
  • Field problems and experiences
  • Effects of gas contamination
  • Shutdown problems
  • Control systems
  • Tandem versus single
  • Applications

Discussion Group 05, Alignment and Couplings
Coordinators: Luis Rojas, Akram Ayoub

Discussion Topics:

  • Coupling selection and specification
  • Coupling installation procedures and assembly tolerances
  • Coupling balancing procedure and tolerances
  • Alignment fixtures and equipment, and tolerances
  • Retrofit from gear to nonlubricated
  • Disk coupling versus diaphragm coupling
  • Torque monitoring
  • Coupling guard designs
  • Hub/shaft fits
  • Pipestrain/nozzle loads

Discussion Group 06, Condition Monitoring System and Vibration
Coordinators: Umesh Choondassery, Sulaiman Bukhamsin

Discussion Topics:

  • Application of permanently mounted vibration instrumentation
  • Hardware and software in use, alarm and shutdown criteria
  • Tools and techniques used to analyze data
  • Use of wireless for less critical data
  • Monitoring thermodynamic performance and other critical variables
  • Monitoring lube oil condition, sampling and online methods
  • Scheduled observations for operator and mechanics

Discussion Group 07, Reciprocating Compressors
Coordinators: Yousuf Rabeah, Eyad Al-Khateeb

Discussion Topics:

  • Valve design
  • Valve life
  • Bolted joint design and fasteners (super nuts, hydraulic tensioning)
  • Ring and rider materials
  • Lubrication
  • Packing
  • Pulsation control
  • Piping vibration
  • Condition monitoring
  • Rod drop monitoring
  • Machinery protection (machine trips)

Discussion Group 08, Turbomachinery Bearings and Annular Seals
Coordinators: Thierry Diers

Discussion Topics:

  • Turbomachinery bearings
  • Sleeve and tilting pad journal bearings
  • Tilting pad and fixed geometry thrust bearings
  • Babbitt bearing failures
  • Bearing upgrades
  • Clearances
  • Installation
  • Oil
  • Annular seals
  • Polymer seals
    • Centrifugal compressor applications
    • Designing an upgrade
  • Polymer material selection
    • Temperature concerns
    • Chemical compatibility
  • Oil film seals
  • Labyrinth seals
  • Bearing housing seals


The following Short Courses were presented at the 1st Middle East Turbomachinery Symposium

Short Course 01, Introduction to Industrial Gas Turbines
Rainer Kurz, Klaus Brun

Short Course 02, Lateral Rotordynamics of Petrochemical Equipment—Review, Examples, and
John A. Kocur, Jr., John C. Nicholas

Short Course 03, Turbocompressor Performance and Component Condition Monitoring
William E. Forsthoffer, Michael S. Forsthoffer

Short Course 04, Introduction to Steam Turbines
Daryll Turner, Akihito Toda

Short Course 05, Introduction to Magnetic Bearings in Turbomachinery
David Eyre
, Timothy R. Griffin, Frank D. Pinckney

Short Course 06, The Relationship of Vibration to Problems in Turbomachinery
William Marscher, Eric J. Olson, Thomas Arakal

Information in these Proceedings is accurate as of December 1, 2010. For all the latest updates, please visit the METS Website at http://middleeastturbo.tamu.edu.