Lecture 1: Inlet Fogging and Overspray Impact on Industrial Gas Turbine Life and Performance
Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX), Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc., San Diego, CA), Marybeth Nored (Apache, Inc., Houston, TX), Joseph Thorp (Aramco Services Company, Houston, TX)

Lecture 2: Impact of Degradation on the Operational Behavior of a Stationary Gas Turbine and in Detail on the Associated Compressor
Wolfgang Kappis (Alstom, Baden, Switzerland)

Lecture 3: Performance Assessment of Gas Turbine Driven Centrifugal Compressor Trains Derived from Field Testing
Sean Tavares (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX) and Theruvakkattil N. Sivadas (Kuwait Oil Company, Ahmadi, Kuwait)

Lecture 4: Train Performance - Evaluation and Monitoring by Torque Meter Applications and Process Gas Compressor/Steam Turbine Train Fouling and Washing Mitigation
Daisuke Kiuchi, Norihito Fujimura, Junichi Horiba, Satoshi Hata (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation, Japan)

Lecture 5: CO2 Compression at World's Largest Carbon Dioxide Injection Project
Antonio Musardo (GE Oil & Gas, Florence, Italy), Vinod Patel (KBR, Houston, TX), Gabriele Giovani (GE Oil & Gas, Florence, Italy), Marco Pelella (GE Oil & Gas, Florence, Italy), Mark Weatherwax (Chevron ETC, Houston, TX), Sergio Cipriani (GE Oil & Gas, Florence, Italy)

Lecture 6: Polymer Seal Use in Centrifugal Compressors - Two Users' Experiences Over 15 Years
John K. Whalen (John Crane Engineered Bearings, Houston, TX), Jim Allen (Nova Chemicals Corporation, Alberta, Canada), Jonathan D. Cardell (DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, Orange, TX), John R. Dugas (Orange, TX)

Lecture 7: Investigation of Corrosion Fatigue Phenomena in Transient Zone of Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines and its Preventive Measures
Satoshi Hata and Norihito Fujimura (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Compressor Corporation), Naoyuki Nagai (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

Lecture 8: Upgrading to Fully-Electric Actuation and Control of Steam Turbines
Kim Lovejoy (Lovejoy Controls Corporation, Waukesha, WI), Eyad Al-Khateeb (Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia), Riyadh Al-Jaafari and Tariq Al-Sultan (Saudi Aramco, Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia)

Lecture 9: The Influence of Thermal Loading on the Leak Tightness Behavior of Horizontally Split Centrifugal Compressors
Yves Bidaut (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG, Zürich, Switzerland)

Lecture 10: Experimentally Based Statistical Forced Response Analysis for Purpose of Impeller Mistuning Identification
Brian C. Pettinato and Yongxin Wang (Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA), Jerry H. Griffin and Drew M. Feiner (Blade Diagnostics Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA)

Lecture 11: Effectiveness of Windage Features on High Speed Couplings
Steven Pennington and Klaus-Dieter Meck (John Crane Ltd., Manchester, UK)

Lecture 12: Influence of Impeller Leading Edge Profiles on Cavitation and Suction Performance
Ravi Balasubramanian, Simon Bradshaw, Eugene Sabini (ITT Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, NY)


Tutorial 1: Guidelines for Reducing the Noise Level of a Centrifugal Air Compressor Installation
John Badini and Paul A. Brown (FS-Elliott Co., LLC, Export, PA)

Tutorial 2: Modernization of Steam Turbine Diaphragms for the Saudi Aramco Gas Plants
Samuel L. Golinkin, Michael J. Lipski, and James E. Luker (Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Inc., Hamilton, NJ); Riyadh A. Al-Jaafari (Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Udhailiyah, KSA)

Tutorial 3: Ensuring Reliability of Compressor Gas Seals During Long Periods of Pressurized Hold
Glenn Schmidt (EagleBurgmann, Houston, TX) and Daniel Goebel (EagleBurgmann, Wolfratshausen, Germany)

Tutorial 4: Operation of Centrifugal Compressors in Choke Conditions
Rainer Kurz, Edward J. Fowler, Russell K. Marechale, Min Ji, and Michael J. Cave (Solar Turbines, Inc., San Diego, CA)

Tutorial 5: Gas Turbine Performance Deterioration and Compressor Washing
Cyrus Meher-Homji (Bechtel, Houston, TX), Andrew F. Bromley (Turbotect, Tomball, TX), Jean-Pierre Stalder (Turbotect Ltd., Baden, Switzerland)

Tutorial 6: Gas Turbine Packaging Options and Features
Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX), Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc., San Diego, CA), Marybeth G. Nored (Apache, Inc., Houston, TX)

Tutorial 7: Gas Turbine Fuel and Fuel Quality Requirements for Use in Industrial Gas Turbine Combustion
Michael Welch and Brian M. Igoe (Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd, Lincoln, UK)

Tutorial 8: In-Service Condition Monitoring of Turbine Oils
Girish Kamal (Dolphin Energy Ltd, Doha, Qatar)

Case Studies


Case Study 1: Boiler Feed Water Pumps Performance Loss
Amr Mohamed Gad, Dr. Nicholas White, Arbain Bin Mahmood (RasGas)

Case Study 2: Exploring Alternative Designs to Integrally Geared High Speed Pumps
Yousuf Al-Shuhail, Abdulmajeed Al-Shaye (Saudi Aramco)

Case Study 3: Large Sea Water Intake Pump Upgrades
Ahmed Al Dossary (Saudi Aramco)


Case Study 4: Root Cause Investigation of Sub-Synchronous Vibration in a Multi-stage Centrifugal Compressor
Jun Inai (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan)

Case Study 5: Resolving Intermittent Vibration Spikes on Steam Turbines
Rajakumar Thiagarajan (RasGas), Ashraf Abdelrahim (RasGas), Sankar Ganesh (GE International Inc., Bently, NV)

Case Study 6: Centrifugal Compressor Root Cause Analysis and Case Study (Pulsation and Vibration Issues)
Gufran Noor and Bill Eckert (Beta Machinery Analysis, Alberta, Canada)



Case Study 10: Method for Field Checking Couplings Suspected of Causing Vibration from Unbalance
Quraisy A. Shatri (RasGas) and Joseph P. (Joe) Corcoran (Kop-Flex Emerson Industrial Automation, Hanover, MD)

Case Study 11: Transient Unbalance of a Turbo-Compressor Rotor due to Thermal-Gradient Induced Bow from a Seal Gas Heater
Thom Eldridge (Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.), Markus Hampel (QatarShellGTL)

Case Study 12: Severe Casing and Impeller Erosion: Analysis and Resolution
Teto Sedalo (Flowserve)


Case Study 13: Re-Engineering & Predictive Maintenance to Solve Internal Rubbing Problem of FCCU Steam Turbine
Abhay Chandajkar, Ali A. Rahman Mohammed (IMI, BAPCO)

Case Study 14: Pro-Active Maintenance to Resolve RGC Turbine Back Pressure Problem
Abhay Chandajkar and Ali Abdulla A Rahman (IMI, BAPCO, Bahrain)

Case Study 15: Reliability Improvement for Turboexpander-Compressor System
Marc LeDuc (Atlas-Copco Mafi-Trench Co.), Hassan Abdulhalem Mazi (Saudi Arabian Oil Company)


Case Study 16: Resolving Vibration Issues of Diesel Engine Driven Fire Water Pumps in QP Offshore
Isham Sudardjat (Qatar Petroleum) and Sherief Mekawey (GE-Bently, NV)

Case Study 17: PTFE/Rubber Hybrid Bearings for Dry-Start Vertical Pumps
Hiroshi Satoh (Oridea), Yoshimasa Kachu (Mikasa Corporation), Fumitaka Kikkawa (Mikasa Corporation)

Case Study 18: Hydraulic Upgrade of Hot Water Circulation Pumps in a District Heating System
Frank Visser and Erik Roosch (Flowserve, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands)


Case Study 19: Fr7AE Gas Turbine Dry Low-NOx Combustion System - Operating Challenges in O&G Plants
Atul W. Deshpande, Luis A. Rojas, V. Venkatachalam, Mustapha Chelghoum (RasGas)

Case Study 20: Mysterious Trippings of NGL Turbo Expanders on Qatargas Mega LNG Train
Muhammad Zahid and Gunasekran Govindaswamy (Qatargas)

Case Study 21: Centrifugal Compressor Overspeed Trip Case Study
Thota Praveen Kumar (Qatar Shell GTL), Ali Abdullah (Qatar Shell GTL)

Discussion Groups

Discussion Group 1: Centrifugal Pumps Operation, Maintenance, Reliability , and Troubleshooting (Including Sealing Systems)
Ahmed Rahimi (Qatar Fertiliser Company), Giancarlo Cicatelli (Flowserve Corporation, Italy), Hideki Kanno (EBARA Corporation), Nabeel Odan (Saudi Aramco), Patrick Shaw (Eagleburgmann, Dubai, UAE)

Discussion Topics:

  • Pump/system improvements for energy savings
  • Sealless versus sealed pump reliability
  • Preventive/predictive maintenance program elements
  • Role of operations in maintenance, data collection, etc.
  • Reliability experiences with liquid versus gas seals
  • Maintenance philosophy for pumps
  • Spare parts-OEM versus non-OEM
  • Team approaches to reliability improvements
  • Pump foundation, alignment, and piping strain
  • Corporate Alliances impact on pump performance and reliability
  • Repair techniques and material improvements
  • Bearing housing seals and reliability
  • Portable and online monitoring of pumps
  • Pump hydraulics and effect on reliability
  • Mean time between failure/repair methodology
  • Energy savings

Discussion Group 2: Turbomachinery Operation and Maintenance
Bill Forsthoffer and Michael Forsthoffer (Forsthoffer Associates, Inc., Washington Crossing, PA), Hussain Al-Baloshi (Qatar Petroleum), Christopher Holt (Qatargas)

Discussion Topics:

  • Integrating Centrifugal Compressor Performance with Vibration Trending and other major component condition
  • Utilizing Clean Dry Gas from external source for Dry Gas Seal Primary Seal gas when the Process Gas is Dirty and/or contains heavy components
  • Accumulator Pre-charge Check Online
  • TTV Exercising Routines

Discussion Group 3: Dry Gas Seals
Ken Savoie (Qatar Shell), Ahmed Rahimi (Qatar Fertiliser Company), Abdou Ramdane (Flowserve, Dubai, UAE), Jim Gilbert (John Crane MEA, Dubai, UAE), Patrick Shaw (EagleBurgmann, Dubai, UAE)

Discussion Topics:

  • Dry gas seals operating characteristics
  • Field problems and experiences
  • Effects of gas contamination
  • Shutdown problems
  • Control systems
  • Tandem versus double
  • Applications

Discussion Group 4: Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance
Basel Wakileh (RasGas, Qatar), Adel Rahimi (Qatar Petroleum), Aditya Eranki, Atul Deshpande (RasGas Company Limited, Qatar), Nasir Hasnan (Saudi Aramco)

Discussion Topics:

  1. Gas Turbine Flange to Flange mechanical issues, including IGVs, main compressor rotor, turbine rotors and blades; combustion and hot gas part issues
  2. Gas turbine auxiliary issues: gas fuel skids, lube oil systems, air filtration systems, instrumentation
  3. New technology applications, including dry low emission systems
  4. Maintenance best practices around mechanical refurbishment of gas turbines
  5. Commissioning of gas turbines during start-ups

Discussion Group 5: Condition Monitoring Systems and Vibrations
Sulaiman Bukhamsin (Saudi Arabian Chevron), Mamdouh Al-Aidarous (Saudi Aramco), Thom Eldridge (Shell), Isham Sudardjat (Qatar Petroleum), Sherief Mekawey (GE, Measurement and Control), Imran Babar (Emerson)

Discussion Topics:

  • Monitoring thermodynamic performance and other critical variables
  • Monitoring lube oil condition, sampling and online methods
  • Routine observation duties of operator and mechanics for condition monitoring
  • Experience with wireless technology in condition monitoring
  • Shutdown/alarm philosophy
  • Gearbox (low speed) condition monitoring
  • Online steam quality monitoring
  • Use of accelerometers in cryogenic service
  • Using electrical signals for evaluating condition
  • Effective parameters in detecting seal problems
  • Experience measuring vibration on vertical suspending pumps
  • Uses of thermography in condition monitoring
  • Use of rotordynamics to assess and track machine conditions

Discussion Group 6: Alignment and Couplings
Luis Rojas (RasGas, Qatar), Akram Ayoub (Rolls-Royce, Energy), Joseph Corcoran (Kop-Flex, Baltimore, MD), James Anderson (Coupling Corporation of America, Jacobus, PA), Chris Wolford (Altra Couplings)

Discussion Topics:

  • Coupling selection and specification
  • Coupling installation procedures and assembly tolerances
  • Coupling balancing procedures and tolerances
  • Alignment fixtures and equipment, and tolerances
  • Retrofit from gear to nonlubricated
  • Disk coupling versus diaphragm coupling
  • Torque monitoring
  • Coupling guard designs
  • Hub/shaft fits
  • Pipestrain/nozzle loads
  • Rotordynamics and couplings - Lateral and torsional vibration related issues
  • Coupling retrofits - Engineering checks best practices
  • Updates on industry's couplings and alignment - lessons learned and best practices
  • New trends in coupling technology

Discussion Group 7: Turbomachinery Bearings and Annular Seals
Scott Wisler (Dresser-Rand), Ahmad Al-Amoudi (PetroRabigh), Joseph Tecza (Dresser-Rand, Wellsville, NY), Urs Baumann (MAN Turbo AG, Zurich, Switzerland), John Whalen (John Crane Bearings, Houston, TX)

Discussion Topics:

  • Turbomachinery bearings
    • Sleeve and tilted pad journal bearings
    • Babbitt bearing failures
    • Bearing upgrades
    • Clearances
    • Installation
    • Oil
  • Annular seals
    • Polymer seals
      • Centrifugal compressor applications
      • Designing an upgrade
    • Polymer material selection
      • Temperature concerns
      • Chemical compatibility
    • Oil film seals
    • Labyrinth seals
    • Bearing housing seals

Discussion Group 8: Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filtration
Basel Wakileh (RasGas, Qatar), Hussain Al-Baloshi (Qatar Petroleum), Faisal Al Siddiqi, Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX), Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc., San Diego, CA), Nasir Hasnan (Saudi Aramco), Marc Van den Eynde (Camfil Farr)

Discussion Topics:

  • Filtration requirements in dry and desert areas
  • Offshore requirements
  • Salt and water Ingestion
  • Filter ratings, efficiency, and their relevance
  • Types of filters and filter selection
  • Filter maintenance and issues
  • Compressor fouling and waterwashing
  • System effectiveness in high humidity conditions
  • Efficiency impact of filtration

Short Courses

Short Course 1: Turbo Compressor Performance and Component Condition Monitoring
William Forsthoffer and Michael Forsthoffer (Forsthoffer Associates, Inc., Washington Crossing, PA)

Short Course 2: Pump Cavitation - Physics, Prediction, Control, Troubleshooting
Bruno Schiavello (Flowserve Pump Division, Philipsburg, NJ), Frank Visser (Flowserve Pump Division, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands)

Short Course 3: Magnetic Bearings in Turbomachinery
Frank Pinckney (Dresser-Rand, Salem, VA), Richard Shultz (Waukesha Magnetic Bearings, West Sussex, UK), Joseph Tecza (Dresser-Rand, Wellsville, NY), Stan Uptigrove (ExxonMobil, Houston, TX)

Short Course 4: Lateral Rotordynamics of Petrochemical Equipment
John A. Kocur, Jr (ExxonMobil Research & Engineering, Fairfax, VA)

Short Course 5: Introduction to Babbitted Bearings as used in Industrial Turbomachinery
John Whalen (John Crane Engineered Bearings, Houston, TX), Barry Blair (Waukesha Bearings Corporation, Pekwaukee, WI), Reinhard Beneke (Kingsbury GmbH, Göttingen, Germany)

Short Course 6: Introduction to Industrial Gas Turbines
Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines Incorporated, San Diego, CA), Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)

Short Course 7: Root Cause Failure Analysis for Machinery & Piping
Vishwas Iyengar (Prospect, Houston, TX), Sean Tavares (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)

Short Course 8: Materials in Centrifugal Compressor and Steam Turbines: Selection, Processing, and Repair
Scot Laney (Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA), Derrick Bauer, David Dowson