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Lecture 1: Centrifugal Compression Machinery for Wet Natural Gas Applications: Preliminary Perfromance Measurements and a Schme to Recover Lost Performance

Authors: Thomas Chirathadam and Grant Musgrove (Southwest Research Institute)

Lecture 2: Remaining Life Assessment and Performance Characterization of Centrifugal Compressors in LNG Trains

Authors: Pradip Sonavane and Atul Deshpande (RasGas), Thomas Chirathadam and Harold Simmons (Southwest Research Institute)

Lecture 3: Gearbox Super-Synchronous Lateral Vibration

Authors: Gaspare Maragioglio, Alessandro Pescioni, Mirko Libraschi (GE)

Lecture 4: Stall Induced Aerodynamic Forcing and Rotor Vibrations in a Multistage Centrifugal Compressor

Authors: Lorenzo Toni, Davide Biliotti, Elisabetta Belardini, Giuseppe Vannini, Marco Giachi, Dante Tommaso Rubino (GE)

Lecture 5: Impact of piping imedance and acousting characteristics on centrifugal compressor surge and operating range

Authors: Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute), Marybeth Nored (Apache), Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc.)

Lecture 6: Modeling of Pressure Dynamics During Surge and ESD

Authors: Elisabetta Belardini, Dante Tommaso Rubino, LIbero Tapinassi, Marco Pelella (GE)

Lecture 7: Effects of Support Structure Dynamics on Centrifugal Compressor Rotor Response

Authors: Stefano Rossin, Francesco Capanni, Daniele Panara (GE); Andrea Rindi, Enrico Meli, Giovanni Pallini (Industrial Engineering University, Florence)

Lecture 9: A Probabilistic Approach for Compressor Sizing and Plant Design

Authors: Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc.), Erik Zentmyer (Solar Turbines, Inc.), J. Michael Thorp (Aramco Services Company, Houston), Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute)

Lecture 10: Process Control Optimization for Centrifugal Compressors on Active Magnetic Bearings

Authors: Stefano Falomi, Duccio Fioravanti, Francesco Bongini, Manuele Bigi, Massimiliano Ortiz Neri (GE)

Lecture 11: Influence of Impeller Suction Specific Speed on Vibration Performance

Author: Simon Bradshaw (ITT Goulds)

Lecture 12: The Challenge for the Accurate Determination of the Axial Rotor Thrust in Centrifugal Compressors

Authors: Yves Bidaut and Dominique Dessibourg (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG)

Lecture PnP: Blade Vibration Measurements and Excitation Force Evaluation

Authors: Nicolò Bachschmid, Simone Bistolfi, Emanuel Pesatori


Tutorial 1: Combustion, Fuels and Emissions for Industrial Gas Turbines

Authors: Michael Welch and Brian Igoe (Siemens)

Tutorial 2: Stability Considerations - A Simplified Approach

Author: Urs Baumann (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG)

Tutorial 3: Materials Selection and Development for Centrifugal Compressors Operating in Extreme Sour & Acid Gas Service

Authors: Filippo Cappuccini, Massimo Giannozzi, Marco Romanelli, Emanuele Pietrangeli, Domenico Di Pietro, Massimiliano Buccioni (GE Oil & Gas)

Tutorial 4: Surge Control and Dynamic Behavior for Centrifugal Gas Compressors

Authors: Rainer Kurz and Robert White (Solar Turbines, Inc.), Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute)

Tutorial 5: Shop Rotordynamic Testing - Options, Objectives, Benefits and Practices

Authors: John A. Kocur (ExxonMobil), C. Hunter Cloud (BRG Machinery Consulting)

Tutorial 6: End User's Approach to Calculating Compressor Performance

Authors: Ameer Khader, Nicholas White, Atul Deshpande, Mohamed Abdelghafour

Tutorial 7: Gas Turbine Performance

Authors: Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc.), Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute)

Tutorial 8: Large Gearbox Vibration Monitoring Techniques

Authors: Dakshina Murthy, Franz Muschaweck, Jaigannesh G

Tutorial 9: Babbitted Bearing Health Assessment

Author: John Whalen (John Crane)

Tutorial 10: Advancements in Mechanical Sealing - API 682 Fourth Edition

Author: Michael Huebner (Flowserve)

Tutorial 11: Transient Modeling and Analysis of Centrifugal Compressors

Authors: Augusto Garcia-Hernandez and Jeffrey Bennet (Southwest Research Institute)

Tutorial 12: Development and Design of Antisurge and Performance Control System for Centrifugal Compressor

Authors: Saul Mirsky, Jeff McWhirter, Medhat Zaghloul, Wayne Jacobson, David Tiscornia (Compressor Controls Corporation)

Discussion Groups

Discussion Group 1 - Dry Gas Seals

  • Jim Gilbert (John Crane)
  • Abdou Ramdame (Flowserve)
  • Ahmed Rahimi (Qatar Fertiliser Company)
  • Patrick Shaw (EagleBurgmann)
  • Bill Forsthoffer (Forsthoffer & Associates)

Discussion Group 2 / 3 - Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance

  • Basel Wakileh
  • Nawaf Al-Dossari (QP)
  • Atul Deshpande (RasGas)
  • Aramco

Discussion Group 4 - Centrifugal Pump Orientation, Maintenance, Reliability, and Troubleshooting (Including Sealing Systems)

  • Ahmed Rahimi (Qatar Fertiliser)
  • Giancarlo Cicatelli (Flowserve)
  • Hideki Kanno (Ebara)
  • Yousuf Al-Shuhail (Saudi Aramco)
  • Patrick Shaw (EagleBurgmann)

Discussion Group 5 / 11 - Turbomachinery Bearings and Annular Seals

  • Scott Wisler (Dresser-Rand)
  • Urs Baumann (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG)
  • John Whalen (John Crane)
  • John A. Kocur (ExxonMobil)

Discussion Group 6 - Advanced Predictive Analytics in the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Christopher Holt (Qatargas)
  • Akram Ayoub (Rolls Royce)
  • Kieran Murphy (Controls and Data Services)
  • David Bell (GE)
  • Bill Puglia (Controls and Data Services)
  • Mark Sassos (RasGas)

Discussion Group 7 / 9 - Turbomachinery Operation and Maintenance

  • Bill and Michael Forsthoffer
  • Hussain Al-Baloshi (QP)
  • Christopher Holt (Qatargas)

Discussion Group 8 / 10 - Advanced Topics on Compressors

  • Leonardo Baldassarre (GE)
  • Urs Baumann (MAN Turbo & Diesel Schweiz AG)
  • Scott Wisler (Dresser-Rand)
  • Norbert Wagner (Siemens)
  • Eyad Al Khateeb (Saudi Aramco)
  • Ali Al-Ghamdi (SABIC)

Discussion Group 12 - Condition Monitoring Systems and Vibrations

  • Giancarlo Cicatelli
  • Mamdouh Al-Aidarous (Saudi Aramco)
  • Isham Sudardjat (Qatar Petroleum)
  • Sherief Mekawey (GE)
  • Imran Babar (Emerson)

Case Studies


Case Study 1: Innovative Design in Expander Wheel-Shaft Attachment Replaces Hirth Coupling for High Speed, High Temperature and High Power Applications

Author: Houman Shokraneh (L.A. Turbine)

Case Study 2: Root Cause Analysis of Vibrations in a Roots Blower System

Authors: Leonard van Lier, Pieter van Beek (TNO), Christof Fischer, Stefan J. Uibel (Silica)

Case Study 3: Root Cause Analysis of a Vibration in a Propylene Turbo Compressor

Authors: Pieter van Beek, Jan Smeulers (TNO)


Case Study 4: Low lift Dry Gas Seals in high vapor pressure, flashing hydrocarbon pump applications

Authors: Patrick Shaw, Kent Prichard (EagleBurgmann)

Case Study 5: Premature dry gas seal failure on a sales gas barrel-type centrifugal compressor

Author: Sergio Ricardo Nogueira Vidal (Saudi Aramco)

Case Study 6: Head-flange O-rings on Barrel Type Centrifugal Compressor Units at RasGas: issues & resolutions

Authors: Quraisy Shatri, Rajeshkumar Rajani, Basel Wakileh (RasGas), Leonardo Baldassarre, Andrea Cianti, Alberto Armenzani (GE Oil & Gas)


Case Study 7: Advancement in Vibration Monitoring Techniques to Identify and Prevent Motor Failures on MOL Pumps at QP Offshore

Authors: Isham Sudardjat (QP), Sankar Ganesh (GE-Bently Nevada)

Case Study 9: Resolving cavitation problems of high energy water injection pumps

Authors: Yousuf Al-Shuhail, Saad Al-Ali, Abdulaziz Al-Qahtani (Saudi Aramco), Nico van den Berg, Tim Bastiaansen (Flowserve)

Case Study 17: Unstable Reading of Accelerometers in Cryogenic Service

Authors: Francisco Marquez (RasGas), Robert Mollath (Ebara)


Case Study 10: VSD Motor Intermittent Radial Vibrations

Authors: Asad Anwar, Gertjan van de Flier (Shell)

Case Study 11: CGC Large Steam Turbine Vibration Resonance of Pedestal and Linkage System RCA, Detail Vibration Investigation/Measurement at Site and Countermeasures

Authors: Makoto Katagake, Kyoichi Ikeno (MHI)

Case Study 12: Incinerator Air Blower Repetitive Failure

Authors: Pradip Sonavane, Mohamed AbdelKhalek (RasGas)


Case Study 13: Blade Failure on an Axial Compressor Caused by Unexpected Operating at Choke

Authors: Yves Bidaut, Christian Müller (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG)

Case Study 14: Pitting Corrosion on Fr6B Gas Turbine Axial Compressor Blades: Investigation and Preventive Measures

Author: Khalid Latif, Kunal Ghosh (Qatargas)

Case Study 15: Compressor rotor failure due to fouling at Qatargas condensate refinery

Author: Muhammad Zahid, Devrajan Venkatesh, Christopher G. Holt, N.K. Raju


Case Study 16: Evaluation of LNG Train Operation Resulting from Refrigeration Compressor Re-wheel

Authors: Ameer Khader, Nicholas White (RasGas)

Case Study 18: Oil-flooded Screw Compressor Failures, Causes, Rectifications

Authors: Quraisy Shatri, Mansoor Saed, Mohamed AbdelKhalek (RasGas)

Case Study 19: Extended safe operation of critical machine with PdM technology for Environment & Reliability Targets

Author: Abhay Chandajkar (BAPCO)

Short Courses

Short Course 1: 15 Machinery Best Practices in the Middle East

Instructors: William Forsthoffer and Michael Forsthoffer (Forsthoffer Associates, Inc.)

Short Course 2: Pump Cavitation - Physics, Prediction, Control, Troubleshooting

Instructors: Bruno Schiavello and Frank Visser (Flowserve)

Short Course 3: Shaft sealing technology for centrifugal compressors: Dry Gas Seal (DGS) & Seal Management System (SMS)

Instructors: Christian Bonfert, Daniel Goebel, Patrick Shaw, Ferdinand Werdecker (EagleBurgmann)

Short Course 4: Lateral Rotordynamics of Petrochemical Equipment - Review, Examples and Problems

Instructor: John Kocur (ExxonMobil)

Short Course 5: API 684 - Torsional Aspects

Instructors: Mark Corbo (No Bull Engineering), Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group), Justin Hollingsworth (Southwest Research Institute), Malcolm Leader (Applied Machinery Dynamics)

Short Course 6: Introduction to Industrial Gas Turbines

Instructors: Rainer Kurz and Bernhard Winkelmann (Solar Turbines, Inc.), Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute)

Short Course 7: Root Cause Failure Analysis for Machinery & Piping

Instructors: Tim Allison and Thomas Chirathadam (Southwest Research Institute)

Short Course 8: Reciprocating Compressors 101 - Construction, Operating Principles and Maintenance Guidelines

Instructors: Andre Eijk (TNO, Netherlands), Gunther Machu (Hoerbiger)